Our purpose

Our founders faced and overcame the greatest food challenge of their time. With collaboration and curiosity, they helped save the lives of millions. Since then, we have continuously developed solutions that improve and increase global food production more sustainably. But the disruptions of recent years have shown how fragile the food system is and how it threatens food security.

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Sustainability performance

Yara agronomist advising a farmer in China

What gets measured gets managed. We take a holistic approach to managing company performance, and report on our progress along the people, planet, prosperity and governance dimensions. Our materiality assessment defines our material topics along these dimensions.

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Good business is sustainable

Yara's ambition is 'Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future'. By delivering solutions to meet the planet's greatest challenges, Yara will trigger economic opportunities, that improve both our company performance and create shared value in the many markets we serve around the world. 

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